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Coolsat News :

January 1st, 2008
FTA Satellite Source offers Coolsat FTA Receivers, files & keys for Coolsat 5000 Platinum, Coolsat 6000 Premium, & Coolsat 8000HD. Get the most techincal Free to Air Support in the industry. Our Free to Air Forum gives you the most up to date information for the coolsat 8000hd, coolsat 6000 premium, coolsat 5000 platinum, and coolsat 4000 pro.
Coolsat downloads - nagra2 bins, fta software, etc are all put together in one easy place for your Coolsat free to air receiver. FTA Satellite Source offers private FTA Support memberships for all coolsat Free to Air satellite receiver models.

FTA Satellite Source offers Coolsat FTA Receivers & Coolsat free to air (FTA) receiver software, including coolsat keys and coolsat files.

Our FTA Forum provides the best in nagra2 FTA Support for your Coolsat fta receiver. coolsat 8000hd, coolsat 6000, coolsat 5000 and coolsat 4000 stb files, BINs, nagra2 fixes, fta keys, loaders, File downloads, tutorials, etc are all put together in one easy place.

Get reliable FTA Support for your Coolsat FTA receiver from FTA Satellite Source.

We offer fta support for Coolsat 4000 Pro, Coolsat 5000 Platinum, Coolsat 6000 Premium, or Coolsat 8000 HD. Get the latest fta files & keys for your Coolsat free to air receiver.

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Coolsat FTA Receivers are dominating the FTA Receiver market. Coolsat receivers conitinue to suprass competitors, they are easy to program and are user friendly. FTA Satellite Source supports all Coolsat fta receivers on our fta forum.

We carry all the latest Coolsat FTA Receiver models such as the Coolsat 5000 Platinum, Coolsat 6000 Premium, and Coolsat 8000 HD.

Coolsat 5000 Platinum

Coolsat 5000

Coolsat 5000 Platinum is a popular coolsat fta receiver model. Coolsat 5000 has reliably been on the market for years now. Include a free card reader while supplies last!

Coolsat 5000 Platinum FTA Receiver comes with coolsat support, including Coolsat 5000 Files & coolsat 5000 keys on our private coolsat forum.

coolsat 5000 platinum
only $149.99


Coolsat 6000 Premium

Coolsat 6000

Coolsat 6000 Premium is an uprade to the coolsat 5000. FTA Satellite Source includes a free coolsat card reader upon purchase!

Your Coolsat 6000 Premium FTA Receiver will come with a 1 yr membership to our coolsat 6000 forum. Find the latest coolsat 6000 files, keys & instructions here. Get your Coolsat 6000 fta receiver before. 6000 Files

coolsat 6000 premium
only $159.99


Coolsat 8000HD

Coolsat 8000HD

Coolsat 8000's IN STOCK NOW! Coolsat 8000 High Definition FTA Satellite Receivers get all of the hd channels!FTA Satellite Source includes Coolsat 8000 HD Receiver Files and Keys Support absolutely FREE!

Coolsat 8000 Files

coolsat 8000hd


FTA Satellite Source is your best choice for Coolsat FTA Receiver. Stop looking for the latest coolsat files, coolsat keys, or coolsat software. We have it all ready to go on our fta forum. Members Gain instant access to the Coolsat forum upon purchase of any Coolsat receiver or Coolsat keys & Coolsat files packages.

About Coolsat Free to Air (FTA) Receivers:

The Coolsat FTA receiver provides digital free-to-air satellite reception for the USA and Canadian markets. Coolsat has come a long way introducing the Coolsat 4000 pro, then the Coolsat 5000 Platinum, followed by the Coolsat 6000 premium and finally the Coolsat 8000Hd (high definition receiver). Although we support all coolsat models we carry only the newest models in stock. Each Coolsat receiver comes with fta forum support for coolsat keys, coolsat files, and coolsat instructions.

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