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December 2nd, 2007

Our FTA Discussion is a free forum where people can post comments and questions about fixes, firmware, nagra2, bins etc. or anything else you may want others to know or hear about in regards to Pansat, Viewsat Coolsat, Captiveworks and other FTA receivers. Newbies can register for free, post messages and have questions answered.

Our VIP Members Area is an FTA Forum. FTA Satellite Source offers the best in FULL Support for your FTA (Free-to-air) Satellite Receiver. All posts are answered extremely promtly. Emails are answered within 1 business day. We offer support memberships for all Free to Air receiver models. File downloads, keys, firmaware, tutorials, etc are all put together in one easy place.

Which Free-to-air Receiver Models do we support? We have FTA support for all free to air receivers, such as Sonicview 8000 HD, Sonicview 4000, Sonicview SV-1000, Coolsat 8000 HD, Coolsat 6000 premium, coolsat 5000 platinum Coolsat 4000 Pro, Pansat 3500s, Pansat 2700a, Pansat 6000 HXC, Pansat 5000 HC, Pansat 2500a, Pansat 2300a,Viewsat Ultra, Viewsat Extreme, Viewsat VS-2000 , Captiveworks CW-600s, Nfusion Nova, and more! Start watching FTA TV Today!

There is no need to keep searching for the professional and the most reliable Free-To-Air key forums as FTA Satellite Source is the premier place to find all the latest files, keys, codes, bins as well as unparalleled support. We, at FTA Satellite Source, focus our attention on your needs to ensure that your FTA satellite TV is always intact.

Free-To-Air Key Forums

Would you like to watch the most popular satellite TV programs with a new level of quality? Did you spend hours to find the most reliable and professional Free-To-Air key forums? Welcome to FTA Satellite Source that is your gateway to the world of exciting satellite TV with the impressive range of channels broadcasting news, sport events, movies, serials, etc.

Our Free-To-Air key forums provide you with a unique opportunity to watch dozens of programs from the comfort of your own home. Do you prefer relaxing in front of TV after stressful day? We're here to help you to enjoy all the benefits of the best FTA satellite programs, broadcasted worldwide.

FTA Satellite Source as a Free-To-Air key support forum allows you to receive the latest files, keys and codes that are 100% safe and examined by professionals. We keep our prices for forums membership more that affordable to let everybody experience the greatest support and get all the newest files faster than others. Free-To-Air key forums at FTA Satellite Source are your gateway to extensive range of FTA files, codes and keys. After joining our Free-To-Air key forums, you open the door to the exciting satellite TV with thousands of channels and programs.

Your 1 Month Membership includes:

-FTA Receiver firmware and software
-autoroll bins
-Free to Air Support from one of our representatives
  Your 3 Month Membership includes:

-The latest firmware and software
-autoroll bin files
- from one of our representatives
Market price: $19.99
Our price: $14.99
Market price: $49.99
Our price: $29.99
Your 6 Month Membership includes:

-, firmware and software
- Support from one of our representatives
  Your 1 year Membership includes:

-Receiver firmware and software
-autoroll bin files & keys
- from one of our representatives
Market price: $69.99
Our price: $49.99
Market price: $89.99
Our price: $69.99
Your Lifetime Membership includes:
- &

-FTA Receiver autoroll bins, keys & files
-Programming tutorials
- Support from one of our representatives
Market price: $149.99
Our price: $99.99

Whether you are a beginner or experienced satellite user, our Free-To-Air key forum will help you to find tutorials and instructions that are easy to follow to get your receiver working just within several minutes after setting up. When it comes to the reliability and professionalism of Free-To-Air key support forum, FTA Satellite Support is the best choice for you.

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