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January 3rd, 2008

Our Private Members Forum offers the most techincal Free to Air Support in the industry. File downloads, nagra2 bins, tutorials, etc are all put together in one easy place for your sonicview 4000 Receiver. All posts are answered extremely promtly. Emails are answered within 1 business day. FTA Satellite Source offers private FTA Support memberships for all Free to Air receiver models.
Which FTA Receiver Models do we support?We have FTA support for all free to air receivers, such as Coolsat 6000 premium, Coolsat 5000 Premium , Coolsat 4000 Pro, Pansat 3500s, Pansat 2700a, Pansat 6000 HXC, Pansat 5000HC, Pansat 2500a, Pansat 2300a,Viewsat Extreme, Viewsat Ultra ,Captiveworks CW-600s, Nfusion, Sonicview and more!

Sonicview 4000 FTA Receiver Components:

The sonicview 4000 FTA receiver provides digital free-to-air satellite reception for the USA and Canadian markets.

USB keys for Sonicview 4000 in our fta forum -FTA Keys & files for sonicview 4000. Download Sonicview File Fixes for Sv-4000, including the latest bin files and new loaders.

FTA Satellite Source offers sonicview 4000 FTA Receivers including a FREE 1 year membership to our private Sonicview forum. SV-4000 Files Keys, and instructions are available. The SonicView 4000 is one of the best FTA Receivers around today- viewsat, the makers of sonicview have made this fta brand more popular with the DSS FTA Receiver testing community, with fta file support that is second to none.

Start watching FREE Satellite TV with a Sonicview 4000 Today!


sonicview sv-4000

Sonicview 4000 FTA Receiver & Support

Market price: $229.99
Our price: $189.99

*free 1 yr membership to our forum included!!

ON SALE NOW is the sonicview 4000 FTA receiver, including a 1 year membership to the private members forum!

Sonicview 4000 USB 2.0 allows you to get use of flash rom USB drives and update your sonicview 4000 receiver by them. This makes the receiver a lot easier to update and makes it more user friendly. Sonicview 4000 is like the Coolsat 7000 that also has a USB drive and allows you to plug in hard-drives and make it a DVR. Sonicview 4000 is also like the Viewsat Ultra. Sonicview receivers all have blind power scan that allows you to directly connect to satellites in the sky then search for channels using the DVB MPEG2 standard it can then give you all the channels for free.

File downloads, keys, firmware, tutorials, nagra2 bins, etc are all put together in one easy place, our VIP Members FTA Forum.



Get the best in FTA Support for your sonicview 4000 from FTA Satellite Source. Our Free to Air Forum gives you the most up to date information for the sonicview 4000 , and every other fta receiver on the market today.
Market price: $19.99
Our price: $14.99
Your 1 Month Membership includes:

-FTA Receiver firmware and software
-autoroll bins
-Free to Air Support from one of our representatives
Market price: $39.99
Our price: $29.99
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-The latest firmware and software
-autoroll bin files
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Market price: $69.99
Our price: $49.99
Your 6 Month Membership includes:

-, firmware and software
- Support from one of our representatives
Market price: $89.99
Our price: $69.99
Your 1 year Membership includes:

-Receiver firmware and software
-autoroll bin files & keys
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Market price: $149.99
ONLY: $99.99*
Your Lifetime Membership includes:
- &

-FTA Receiver autoroll bins, keys & files
-Programming tutorials
- Support from one of our representatives

Sonicview 4000 has New Features:
USB 2.0 Host Slot for S/W Download
USB 2.0 Host Slot (Front Door Inside)

Other Features Sonicview 4000:
Fully MPEG-2 & DVB-S Supported : NEC EMMA 2SL MPEG Chip-Sets
NEC EMMA 2SL chip-set 284MIPS @ 186MHz
32Mb Flash ROM for Fast Channel Changing

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